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“Never apologise for your vision.”

A quote Alex Morrissey has lived by for the past decade that aided in propelling him to the top of everyone’s radar as the social media guru that is slowly shaping the future of Jamaica’s online experience.


Standing as a winner of the Jamaica Observer’s “Mogul in the Making” competition, named “Caribbean Outlier” from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business and the youngest recipient of The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s “50 under 50 top business leaders” award, Morrissey is achieving great feats as a young innovator simultaneously redefining the limits of success with unparalleled results.


Morrissey’s expertise and credibility stems from the success of his website,; that is inching towards the 3 million fan milestone on Facebook and bieng ranked in the top 25 of all Website pages on Facebook. With the website positioning itself as an unequalled mega hub for all things Reggae and Dancehall related – spanning music, videos, interviews, artworks, tracklists, and news – read not only as a website primarily focused on documenting the dynamic and ever-shifting persona of Jamaica’s rich musical landscape but as the stepping stone for Morrissey to impart his skills and experience to companies open to growing their online presence.


Working alongside major brands Morrissey’s burning desire to achieve more saw these companies and local media houses dubbing him as the “Jamaican Mark Zuckerberg” – a title he humbly received and allowed to leave an indelible mark on his persona.

Morrissey’s unapologetic vision for the future saw members of The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and The Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment of Jamaica reaching out to him to work on specific projects he’s sure to bring his skills in marketing, social media, design and development to.


Never one to neglect his beginnings, Morrissey’s site have opened doors to a Performing Arts Scholarship program channelling the thought that success should be a drink enjoyed by everyone and if the company can be a vessel to help at least one person sip from that glass of success, they’ll contentedly do so while giving way to his voluntary cause – Earth Hour Jamaica.

Earth Hour organisers reached out to Morrissey to join their massive world movement against climate change. Justly, Jamaica revered as the land of wood and water soars as a tiny island highly susceptible to climate change. The onus therefore is upon the citizens to rally together and inspire change to safeguard and preserve our beautiful island. The best way Morrissey knew how is through the universal language of music.

2013 saw the execution of the inaugural staging of the Earth Hour Acoustic Concert on March 23rd. A first of its kind, the concert marked the initiation of Jamaica’s participation in Earth Hour’s global movement.

Through the magnetic pull of highly influential artistes/musicians, the concert was able to garner the support of over 5,000 patrons who enjoyed an evening packed with the natural mystic of live acoustic music and education about the greater cause.


In Morrissey’s tale of undying strive for success, Chapter one’s journey has been closed with the opening lines of Chapter two reading “the future is now”. Through his digital media agency Esirom he currently works with top brands in the Caribbean and South East Asia.